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Stauff Clamp Base Plate that can be bonded instead of welded
Stauff NRC Noise and vibration resistant clamps
Industrial Pipe Hangers
U Bolts with anti corrosion protection

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We have many years experience in pipework and accessories,
product application and supply, across a wide range of industries

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We also have considerable experience in sourcing and supplying non standard requirements.
The Pipeline Products team have many years experience (more than 100 years between them!) in dealing with all manner of customer problems, needs and specialist applications.


We genuinely believe that we can help you find the right product solution, whether it be a standard, a design special or sourcing an unusual component

Design and Application Assistance
We also have available a wealth of application and specification guidelines to help you choose, apply and operate pipework systems safely and efficiently
Working pressure guidelines | flow rate recommendations | Hose Safety Care | Fluid Power Formulae | Metric Coupling Data & Assembly help and much more