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               • Standard Series Stauff Clamps for wide application use of medium duty pipes and pressures
               • Heavy Series Stauff Clamps for substantial pipework and high pressures/extreme loadings
               • Twin Series Stauff Clamps for general use and close coupling of pipes

Standard, Heavy and Twin Series Clamps are available with either profiled or smooth bore.
Clamp Materials Polypropylene, Polyamide, Thermoplastic Elastomer,and Aluminium, are readily available in
profiled bore (normal) or smooth bore for use with cables and hoses, designated by H, i.e. PPH
                           Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel are stansard for the hardware components
Other clamp materials are available for special applications such as Fire Prevention and Anti Corrosion,

Please contact us for full details or check out our online catalogue library,

                      • All of these above clamps can be mounted in variable ways

  and stacked according to application need

              • Light series for lower duty pipes, cables and hoses

Stauff Clamps Standard Series Stauff Pipe Clamps Heavy Series Stauff Pipe Clamps Twin Series Stauff Light Series Pipe Clamps Stauff Round U bolts DIN 3567 Metal Clips DIN Light Saddle Clips 1596 & 1597