Thank you for your order!
Shipping is normally completed within 24 hours of receipt.
We will advise you if there is any likely delay on any product that you have ordered.

Please Note:
Whilst we do our best to ensure safe and swift carriage of your order, once the shipment leaves our warehouse we are are in the hands of the carrier, so please do not overlook this need for checking.

It is your responsibility to inspect the goods promptly on arrival. Any claims for damage, non-delivery, loss in transit or late delivery must be made within 4 days of the delivery date. When signing for your consignment, it is your responsibility to check that the number of parcels being delivered corresponds with the number of parcels stated on the consignment note. If not, the note should be amended accordingly before signature. If the consignment is being delivered later than specified, it is your responsibility to write the time of receipt on the consignment note. If there is any apparent damage to the parcel, it is your responsibility to annotate the consignment note accordingly.

Shipping Charges
Shipping is charged on the basis of order value and will be added to the basket, exclusive of VAT, at the checkout. You can click the estimate link in the basket to check if required.

The Charges Are As Follows:

£0 - £10            £4.00
£11 - £25          £8.25
£26 - £100        £12.50
Above £100     Carriage Free